My name is Pranav, and I have a keen interest and liking for the Hardy Boys, and after months of learning website creation, I decided to create a website all about them. This site is about the books/series I am currently reading, and I will change it based on what books or series I will read next.

My liking started when my aunt sent me a beginner pack with the first 6 Hardy Boys books for my birthday. I read the first book just for the sake of reading it. When I finished it, I began liking them, and read the next, and then the next, until I was done with the set. I continue to read their stories, and based this website on the first 6.

I would recommend reading their books, as the stories leave you cliff hanging at the end of each chapter. You're reading a chapter, and then at the end of it, something happens so that you must read on! Just as well, the stories always make the mysteries seem easy, but when they tackle it, it's a lot harder than it seems. Some mystery seems like it's just a matter of getting information, and searching the told area, and finding the Tower Treasure, but it really requires some more thought. Finally, the mysteries are very action packed, with chases, tip offs, and more. Truly, the Hardy Boys are an excellent way to add mystery to your bookshelf and/or continuing your liking for mystery.